Saturday, December 27, 2008


Two days after Christmas, and the Israelis have proven they are children of the true Christianity; that they have the holiest of holy spirits in them, by bombing Gaza and killing and maiming. I omit the number of deaths and maimings intentionally. The numbers matter to those who were and are the beings that make up the numbers, those who knew, know, loved, love those who were and won't be again. The task is not in knowing those numbers; in reducing those numbers. The task is in abolishing the process that creates those numbers-- the process that survives only through destruction.

The numbers don't count to the Israelis. What counts, literally, is destruction. The numbers, the index to the efficiency to the process of destruction, are secondary to the all the bourgeoisie as it is destruction alone that maintains their property; destruction alone that preserves aggrandizement.

As the bourgeoisie demonstrate everyday and in every way, their zeal for, and fidelity to, efficiency is vastly overrated. Efficiency is only an euphemism for aggrandizement. The Israelis, perfect vectors, cats' paws, proxies, derivatives, of and for the bourgeoisie are perfect examples of efficiency efficiently debased, profitably devalued, and made vitally wasteful and vice-versa to the real project of capital which is exacty that debasement, devaluation, destruction.

There is no basis for the existence of the state of Israel other than destruction, devaluation, debasement. The mythology of making the "desert bloom," of "technological progress," is nothing other than misdirection, the smoke and the anti-mirror to cover the destruction of the original social relations. In this, the Israelis are the true heirs to the Boers of South Africa; to the apartheid rule of Verwoerd, de Klerk and Botha; to the US of Nixon and his Christmas Bombings; to the United States and its destruction of Iraq.

There can be no two-state solution; there can be no one-state solution. There can be no solution without the revolutionary overthrow of the Israeli state. Attempts at Israel's simple destruction are worse than fruitless; they are necessary to its very existence. The transition then from resistance to revolution requires the socialist rejection of Arab nationalism by the displaced, the immiserated Palestinians and by the workers of Egypt, Syria, Lebanon, Jordan.

December 27, 2008

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