Sunday, January 14, 2007

In A Nutshell

It's not about the euro. It's not about an euro bourse.

It's not about the yen. It's not about the yuan, the baht, the ruble, the peso, the shekel, the dinar, the pound, the rand, the new sol, the real, the bolivar.

It's not about the dollar.

It's not about the deficit, current account or trade.

It's not about the capital account.

It's not tariffs or duties or quotas or market shares.

It's not about foreign direct investment, here or there.

It's not about scarcity, peaks, valleys, shortages.

It's not about natural resources, here or there. It's not about the control of natural resources, here or there.

It's not about oil. Or copper. Or aluminum. Or cars. Or soybeans. It's not even about the price of oil. Or copper. Or cars. Or soybeans.

It's all about profit. It's all about overproduction. It's all about declining profitability.

So... the price of oil declines with overproduction. So profitability declines.

And already at war, the bourgeoisie drive ahead into wider war. The destruction of Iraq no longer suffices.

The once and future dream of the destruction of Iran is called upon; an image of paradise in capital's nightmare of decelerating profitability; a utopia of squalor, destruction, fear, and greed.

All the Democrats and all the independents and all the leftists searching hoping looking to link up with an "enlightened" bourgeoisie cannot prevent the launching of a wider war. No revolt of any number of generals will stop the deployment for destruction.

No disembodied shadow, the drawn and quartered remnants of a 90 year old revolution; no inside out, upside down market oriented, foreign investment driven, de-socialized "awakened giant" can stop the super-marketing of war.

Nothing save the actions of that highly scorned, discounted, "privileged," "bribed" class of workers in the advanced center of advanced enclave capitalism will stop the bourgeoisie in this or its next and future wars.

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