Saturday, May 10, 2014

It's So Gratifying....

... to know that some people really, really, really stick to their principles; cannot will shall not be moved;  that some retain that spirit of defiance, rebelliousness; that at least one remains who is absolutely unrepentant in his ongoing commitment to left-cartoon capitalism, to the support of those former guerrillas now government executives no matter what that government does.

Last year, it was Alvara Garcia Linea of Bolivia.  This year we get, courtesy of that peripatetic blogger, movie reviewer, and all-around bore Louis Proyect, José Mujica, ex-tupamaro, current president of Uruguay and........guess what?....supplier of military and police personnel to the UN forces occupying Haiti.

Proyect reproduces portions of, and the link to, a particularly noxious puff piece of hack writing on Mujica .

The recent achievement by Mr. Mujica's government that precipitates this adventure in blow-job journalism Proyect provides without comment or criticism is Mujica's bold decision to go where no one has gone before-- except the bourgeois governments of the Netherlands, Colorado, and Washington state, and legalize marijuana.

Isn't that great?  Mujica, guerrilla-entrepreneur turned state capitalist, sees in legalizing marijuana.... revenue streams.  Why allow all that money to go untaxed to drug cartels by keeping marijuana illegal?  Shouldn't the government of the people, by the people, for the people get its fare, I mean fair, share of the long green?  Of course it should.

And with that revenue, Mujica can purchase weapons for the military and police he traffics in with MINUSTAH.  Isn't exchange value a wonderful thing, I mean relationship?  Synchronicity is what markets provide. 

Gives a whole different meaning to the Stoner Rifle.  Can't wait to see the movie, Mujica lights up Haiti.  But don't waste time with Proyect's review. 


May 10, 2014