Sunday, May 09, 2010

Bring In the Paper, Bring On the Torches

1. Cold Comfort

Encouraged by the headline in the March 12 edition of the Wall Street Journal that read "Massive Defaults Produce Rare Annual Dip In Obligations, Clear Ground for Growth," the US bourgeoisie paused from their daily feedings at the public trough, took their lips from the government's breast, checked the status of the batteries on their defibrillators [green=good; gold=gooder], removed their hands from each others and everybody elses pockets [temporarily], bundled themselves in their TARPS and parachutes, and all together and all at once, in a display of unity not seen since the funeral for their idiot-hero Ronald Reagan, selected the exact same tune from their individual IPods [purchased on] and started to lip-synch to their favorite song, to which they knew the words by heart.

Texting, tweeting, facebooking, bluetoothing the lyrics from IPod to IPhone to Blackberry to Droid to Pixie to Touch to Samsung to HTC to Nokia, from hand to handset in a daisy chain of 1s and 0s, living their collective Life of Brian, they lipped and synched…. "Look On the Bright Side of Life…"

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By way of introduction: I have been working with my friends, Loren Goldner and John Garvey on producing a collaborative publication-- something a little different and hopefully a lot better than most of what passes itself off for Marxism.

In this the age destructive accumulation and vice-versa, also known as the era of Golf Course Capitalism the objective of the bourgeoisie is not to get rich by producing wealth, or by pocketing the already produced wealth of others, but rather by liquidating the already pocketed wealth of others. Our objective remains the overthrow of the capitalist mode of production, the expropriation of the pickpocket, liquidationist bourgeoisie, the self-emancipation of the working class, everywhere.

I have no intention of neglecting The Wolf Report.

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