Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Following Up, or Down

The editors over at The North Star are inviting readers to submit responses to ten (10) smoldering sub-sections of the single, eternally burning question for our movement:  What Is To Be Done?

As much as this may sound like virtual Leninism, it isn’t; nothing Lenin did was virtual.
Indeed, TNS claims a pedigree, with papers to prove it, of being a departure from “Leninist orthodoxy.”
TNS finds its inspiration, mainly, in the work of the late Peter Camejo, former Green Party candidate for vice-president (part-time), and investment adviser (full-time).  “Socially-responsible investing” was Pete’s shtick (as some would say on the Street), and he supposedly did it well.
Here are the Big Ten...

Sunday, March 05, 2017

Dogs, Licensed

An audio version of the article is available on Soundcloud
1. We’ve had “(put)in like Flynn,” and now we have “(put)out like Flynn.”
We have a new chief executive officer of the bourgeoisie’s state, who got his (political) start falsely claiming that  his predecessor as CEO was not a US citizen, now whining about “fake news” when real information exposes his machinations as being exactly that, self-serving machinations.
We have Kellyanne Conway, everybody’s favorite neo-frau Goebbels, wailing on behalf of the non-victims of the non-existent massacre at Bowling Green vowing to never forget what never happened and to never not-let what never happened happen.
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Friday, February 24, 2017

(Dys)function at the (Con)juntion

Impasse at the intersection of Value Boulevard and  Accumulation Avenue

The accumulation of capital is first last and always the accumulation of the means of production as capital, that is to say as values seeking more values; as values expanding values;  as value extracting more value for labor power constituted itself as value.


...for the  means of production to exist as values, their utility as the means of labor has to be expressed, and  suppressed-- mediated-- as and by private property.


...then the means of production confronts laborers, and labor-power, not as things, objects, but as a condition of their own labor, as a condition of their own existence, subsistence, reproduction.


...then the laboring time becomes the means of exchange, becomes the material substance, the frozen breath, identified as value.

...then all products, all product, exists as value; all production exists only to realize surplus value.

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Thursday, February 16, 2017


Old dog learns new trick.  Insurgent Notes finally spells Macomb County, Michigan, properly.

IN comrades,  Ronald Reagan in 1980 did not promise to "rebuild America" a la Donald Trump.  He promised no government financed, or public-private partner financed, infrastructure programs; no rollback of capital flight;, none of that.

There were three main points to the Republican platform of 1980:

1) reduce taxes and private enterprise would enjoy a great leap forward; lower government spending, except on defense, and everybody would become an entrepreneur,

2) reverse an imaginary US decline in international status (by increasing military spending).

3) the core appeal to reaction, i.e. family values: "We will reemphasize those vital communities like the family, the neighborhood, the workplace, and others which are found at the center of society, between government and the individual. We will restore and strengthen their ability to solve problems in the places where people spend their daily lives and can turn to each other for support and help."

Good job on the spelling though.  Keep at it.

Tuesday, February 07, 2017



Q1.  What does Trump represent?

A1.   Trump, not to be confused with the Trampps of the dance classic "Disco Inferno," represents a wave of international reaction triggered not solely by insufficient levels of profitability since 2008, but also by the very modest improvements made since the trough of the Great Recession. Trump represents the "big clawback" of revenues that capital imagines it can grasp through the liquidation of regulations, restraints, protections; through the arbitrage of the inefficiencies and irrationality of markets; inefficiencies and irrationality made so much more acute, and fungible by the disruption, disorder, shock that is the trading on the Trump brand.

A true man for the times, Trump exudes inefficiency and irrationality from every pore. He's got more inefficiency and irrationality in his little finger, his little fingers, than entire branches of the military.

That's entertainment, but not just entertainment.  Nixon had his "madman act," the pissed-off petit-bourgeois with the launch codes.  Nixon was neurotic. Trump is the spoiled brat; not neurotic, pathological.  He doesn't recall that it's an act.  He thinks he's entitled. 

Full article here:  https://anticapital0.wordpress.com/faq/

Monday, January 30, 2017

Gang(s) of Seven(s), More or Less

Gang 1: Seven countries from which travel, immigration, refugees are banned by executive order
Iraq, Iran, Syria, Somalia, Sudan, Libya, Yemen

Gang 2: Number of nationals from those seven countries convicted of terrorist related crimes in the US, 2001-2014 as reported to senator Jefferson Beauregard Sessions by the US Department of Justice

 Libya (1), Iran (3), Sudan (3), Syria (7), Iraq (17), Yemen (19), Somalia (21)

Gang 3:  Other countries with the number of  convicted nationals equal to or slightly greater than the number from the countries in 1 Gang, according to the same DOJ report:

Libya (1): Australia, Peru, Trinidad and Tobago, Guatemala, Qatar, Kazakhstan, Yugoslavia, Greece, Mexico, Uzbekistan, Chile, Brazil, Vietnam, Israel, Malaysia, Denmark, Germany, South Korea, France, Nigeria, Uzbekistan, Eritrea, Kosovo, Venezuela, Dominican Republic, Tanzania, Singapore, Haiti, Senegal, Ethiopia, Philippines, Bosnia, Nigeria, South Africa, Cambodia, Ivory Coast, Djibouti, Panama, Senegal, Algeria

Iran, Sudan (3): Canada, Guyana, Turkey, Albania, El Salvador, Mali, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Tunisia, Turkey, Morocco, Indonesia, Kuwait, United Kingdom

Syria (7):  India, Saudi Arabia, Afghanistan

Iraq (17): Jordan,  Egypt

Yemen (19): Colombia, Palestine (includes West Bank and Gaza)

Somalia (21): Pakistan (55),  Lebanon (25)

Gang 4:  Terrorists involved in drafting Trump's executive order

Rudy "Death Squads" Giuliani, Michael "Waterboarding isn't torture...unless it's done to me" Mukasey,  Peter T. "Gerry Adams is a swell guy.  The whole IRA is a bunch of swell guys" King, Steve "It's so exciting-- like the 1930s; like Kristalnacht" Bannon.  Donald J. "Does not stand for 'Jew' " Trump.

In other news, Christian Kr├Ânes announced the death of Brunhilde Pomsel, personal stenographer to Joseph Goebbels, the Third Reich's Minister of Propaganda, Ms. Pomsel was 106 at the time of her death.  With the passing of Ms. Pomsel, only Kellyanne Conway remains from the group gathered in Hitler's Berlin bunker in order to organize Germany's final victory over the Red Army, having lured the Red Army 1800 kilometers into an ambush.

Ms. Conway has retained her wartime rank of Wechselwirkungen-Oberst-Gruppenf├╝hrer and receives a pension from ExxonMobil for her diligence protecting  royalties due Standard Oil of New Jersey (a predecessor company) for Germany's use of the oil company's patents during the war.

A remarkably spry and youthful 96 years old, Kellyanne continues her career as special counsel to Donald J. Trump.  "I'm sorry to hear of Brunhilde's passing," said Ms. Conway.  "She was like a mother to me."  Reminiscing out loud she said "and Joseph.. well Herr Goebbels was a very special person. Sometimes I think he's in the room with me.  And sometimes, I even think he's speaking through me."

January 30, 2017