Friday, January 26, 2018

Their Brightest Hour

S. Artesian

1.  Things, that is to say relations, are looking good to and for the bourgeoisie.  Stock markets around the world from Tokyo to Frankfurt to New York are, to say the very least, buoyant.  Modest increases in interest rates haven’t presented any obstacles to debt markets around the world.   Regulatory control of the financial sector is being rolled back and rolled up without having been tested by real world events.   “Structural reform”– the bourgeoisie’s favorite euphemism for attacks on labor– has advanced the actions designed to codify, to enact as policy, what the market has brought to pass as improvisation– that is to say the temporary, part-time, sporadic, benefit-stripped modes of employment in the economically “developed,”  “developing,” “underdeveloped,” and “not even close” sections of this single stage called capitalism.

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