Monday, June 22, 2015

trouble with a small-case p

In response to this, published by the International Marxist Tendency:
In reality, the only alternative to the utopian strategy of searching for an agreement with the lenders is what the comrades of the Communist Tendency of Syriza call a “socialist rupture”. That is, to repudiate the debt and  take measures to expropriate the capitalist, bankers, landlords and ship owners, so that the wealth of society can be put in the hands of those who produce it, under a democratic plan of the economy. Breaking decisively with capitalism is also the only policy which could rekindle the enthusiasm which existed in the initial days of the government, both in Greece and throughout Europe. That is the only way forward.
Louis proyect, the genuflected Marxist, has produced this:
In reality, this is where their troubles would really begin.
Priceless.  GDP down by a quarter, pensions reduced by half, municipal services stripped bare, along with the countryside, unemployment at 40 percent for those under 25, if the economy were at a dead stop that would be a vast improvement, and the troubles  only really start if the debt and the debt memorandums are repudiated; if capital is expropriated.  

That's some Marxism, all right.  "On your knees," says the unrepentant proyect.  "Eyes on the floor... or else."

Or else what?  Pensions are going to be cut more?  Unemployment is going to go up?  More hospitals won't be able to obtain more supplies?  Exactly what is going to begin that hasn't already begun?  Exactly what "troubles" are going to be inflicted that have not already been visited upon the population?  And what troubles will not be intensified  if Greece reaches an agreement with the Troika? 

I'd label proyect a social-democrat, but there's no evidence that proyect does or says anything for any reason other than his need for self-aggrandizement.  He lacks the empirical knowledge, and the ideological coherence to even qualify for the Socialist International.  Proyect's a dissembler intent on acting out his fantasy of creating a party that acts as the political equivalent of a "socially responsible" investment fund. 

Of course, the IMT, while calling for a "break with capitalism," hedges (take a lesson, proyect, you wannabe CFA) in that IMT does not call for a decisive break with Syriza, the current capitalist government,  advocating instead "the only policy which could rekindle the enthusiasm which existed in the initial days of the government [emphasis added] both in Greece and throughout Europe."

There can be no decisive break with capitalism without a decisive break with Syriza.

June 22, 2015 


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