Thursday, January 21, 2010

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Who gives a rat's ass what Huffington and Krugman, liberals, liberal liberals, radical liberals, liberal radicals think of Obama? Positive, negative-- same-same.

So he "lost" Massachusetts? SFW? He's caved on healthcare? NFS. So it's business as usual and war without end, amen? BFD, welcome to the military-industrial-evangelical complex. So he's Katrinad Haiti? See previous response.

Of course he's done all that and less. That's what he's being paid to do.

So everyone's disappointed? ROFLMAO. GTFU.

Keep in mind-- the US bourgeoisie select a Republican whenever they're going into a recession, and a Democrat when they think they want out of a recession. They, the bourgeoisie, thought they wanted out in 2008, as if wishing and hoping would make it so [obviously forgetting the immortal words of Dusty Springfield]; but wishes aint horses, and horses don't have wings.

The other shoes are dropping off the feet of the centipede we called modern, developed capitalism, faster than you can say "uh-oh," and double dip is not just for ice-cream.

The Association of American Railroads reported rail traffic declined in the 4Q 2009 with December 09 carloadings actually below Dec 08. The Association of American Railroads suggests that if COAL loadings were excluded in both Decembers, then Dec 09 exceeds Dec 08, which is fact, but there is also the fact that coal accounts for 40% of US rail freight traffic. See:

At the same time, US electricity consumption has recorded its steepest decline since 1938, German GDP declined 5% in 2009, its largest decline since WW2, with the 4Q being remarkably poor, JAL is bankrupt again, SocGen[France] and Citigroup record 4Q losses, enough in Citigroup's case to wipe out the entire previous 9 months profit. Commercial real estate in the US will be the next big thing, big like Lehman Bros was big in Sept 2009. Approximately 20% of all bank construction loans are now more than 30 days overdue. FDI flows were down 39% in 2009-- declining 57% in the US, 50% in Brazil, 19% in India, 40% in the rest of Latin America, 36% in Africa, but only 2.6% in China [anybody know how to write "bubble" in kanji characters?].

And the good news? Well, international buyers are still buying up US Treasury debt like there is no tomorrow [there better be, I've got tickets to see the World Saxophone Quartet tomorrow at Birdland], taking on $118 billion in notes and bonds in November, up from $39 billion in October. China has reduced its quantitative exposure, but has increased its interest rate exposure in the search for larger yields, swapping $100 billion of T-bills [maturity of 12 months or less] for $70 billion in notes and bonds with maturities greater than 1 year.

So... so the point is the bourgeoisie realize they're headed right back where they came from-- caught between the hammer of greed and the anvil of fear, and as markets slow down, things speed up-- like Obama has served his purpose, if not his full term-- winning the agreement of the union bureaucracies to the "new" austerity in his first year, so it's time to bid him adieu.

Here's the thing, when capitalism requires a moron, a fool, to front at the door to the abattoir-casino of impaired accumulation, it gets its moron.

When the liberal bourgeoisie think that the moron's replacement by a front-man with a larger vocabulary, a smoother delivery, bigger lies to sell, is an improvement, capital reminds everyone of the house rules, of who rules the house, and the fact that incompetence is just another management strategy.

In case nobody noticed, the NYSE has dropped 3% off its "value" in the last two sessions.


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January 21, 2009

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