Monday, July 06, 2015


1.Others, not myself of course, might regard the comments, prognostications, predictions, assertions, of the pro-Syriza "leftists" of the international internet brigade with more seriousness if they bothered to learn the English transliteraton for the name of Greece's current prime minister.

Τσίπρας becomes T-S-I-P-R-A-S.  TSIPRAS, not TSIRPAS.  That's how he spells it on his webpage.

2. Meanwhile, the Gang that Can't Spell Straight is happily proclaiming that "Greek workers vote NO to austerity."  Technically not.  They voted 'no' to the terms as last proposed by the EU finance ministers, and backed up of course by the EU primer ministers, the ECB, etc. etc.  They voted in support of T-S-I-P-R-A-S' claim that two days after the 'no' vote, he will have secured a better deal.

3."A better deal" will be  within the framework of concessions that T-S-I-P-R-A-S has already made, which as the Gang has so frequently pointed out, is the best Greece can do, and is so much better than actually rejecting austerity, which would involve certain dramatic actions made by  new actors in this currently sorry play. 

4. No "better deal" will be obtained without recapitalizing the Greek banks.  The European Union will not recapitalize the Greek banks without T-S-I-P-R-A-S agreeing to some form of bail-in-- that's B-A-I-L  I-N.

5. No matter how badly you may misspell T-S-I-P-R-A-S, it means the same thing it meant before the referendum:  λιτότητα

July 6, 2015

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