Monday, July 13, 2015

Dear Leo, Dear Sam

Shut up, you should excuse the harsh language.  Put a sock on it.  Close your gob.  Be quiet.  Just shut up.  You don't know what you're talking about and you keep talking about it so it's gone from simply being embarrassing to being  annoying to being pathetic to being downright offensive.  So shut  up.

Yesterday you're all about not jumping to conclusions, about waiting for the outcome of that momentous day.  Today, after we know the outcome, a plan so severe, so demanding, and so dismissive of Greece as anything other but a body to be bled dry that it  leaves Vlad the Impaler envious, you're back at it,  ass-backwards at it claiming that the Left Platform within Syriza and all those arguing for leaving the Eurozone were advocating a "non-starter." And of course, your starter is to completely ignore  yesterday's momentous day.

You proclaim that the Eurozone "clearly" sees  "that Syriza is a left party with socialism in its DNA, and one that whatever the constraints of staying within the EU, will continue to challenge European and global capitalism."  Well that settles it, then.  Wolfgang Schäuble, Mario Draghi, and Christine Lagarde will tell us what's socialist, and what's not.

My response to that nonsense:  "You wanna bet?"  You wanna bet that Syriza is not done, cooked, out the door, crumbling gone, dismissed with extreme prejudice?

Socialism in its DNA?  Exactly how does a political formation get socialism in its DNA?  Are we talking fertilization of zygotes here?  Acquired characteristics?  Lamarckian evolution? 

Not a word do you offer about Syriza's separation and isolation of the program of austerity from servicing the debt.  Not a word do you offer about Syriza's separation and isolation of debt service from maintaining its membership in the European Union.  Not a word do you utter about Syriza's separation and isolation of membership in the European Union from ongoing support for European capitalism. 

And with all that silence, you tell us that Syriza's DNA was socialist.

You probably don't recognize your "argument" for what it is, but it is nothing other than the argument the big C Communist Parties used to discipline supporters, followers, and opponents in the 1920s, 1930s, and beyond, with the CPs claiming  the legacy of,  the genetics of the Russian Revolution as a badge of authority. 

Bullshit then, bullshit now. 

Maybe there is and maybe there isn't such a thing as "socialist DNA," but if there is then the only sure thing is that within the body of Syriza, the socialist gene is regressive and cannot be expressed in or by the host organism. 

So just shut up.

July 13, 2015


  1. Anonymous7:11 PM

    (Matt): Just listen to it from the horses ass:

    Gotta hand it to this guy, though. Got to be a media star. Came through his 6 month road trip in flying colors, bailing just in time. Did you see the enormous smile on his face after he resigned? I am truly impressed.

    As for the Naked Capitalist Left, this event had fulled exposed them as the left wing of the capitalist united front, a front running the full length from German neo-fascist "Efficient German/lazy Greek" ethno-chauvinism, to our now disrobed "condescending saviors" covering for their cynical middle-class contempt for socialist and working class politics. Their specific role, though, is to try to "discipline" us into swallowing their horseshit, and failing at that, attack us.

  2. Anonymous7:16 PM

    (Matt) BTW, now that Seymour's been accounted for, now its Proyect that is MIA. Hard at work puzzling how to spin this, perhaps.

  3. Anonymous9:41 AM

    The SIP has emerged to announce once more that There Is No Alternative. Apparently we should take his word for it because he knows the computer language COBOL.