Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Worse than Imagined

Hulk Hogan in the White House, although it's not quite clear if Hogan is quite as malicious, petty, mean-spirited as Donald Trump.

After today's press conference, here's a (chilling) thought:  Team Trump-- Hulk Donald, son-in-law Thing Kushner, Spidey Reince Priebus, Rex the Wonder Dog Tillerson, Not Black Not Widow Ivanka--, an anti-brain trust for the ages, huddles around the office copy of the Erdogan Playbook For Dummies 

"Look at this," says Not Black Not Widow, pointing to the "How to Stage A Coup" chapter.

"That's what we need to do," says Spidey Priebus, "stage a coup."

"I don't get it," says Hulk, "we won the election.  We don't need to stage a coup."

"Not us," barks Rex, "we don't actually make a coup.  We stage a coup, against us, as if  there's a conspiracy in the "deep state" to overthrow the will of the people.  Then we get to purge the military of anyone a bit too concerned with the Atlantic Alliance, not up to speed on the glory of Putin-ism; we get to purge the intelligence agencies of the untrustworthy sorts--"

"Well, wouldn't that be all of them?" offers Hulk.  "Isn't 'untrustworthy' supposed to be what they do?'

"Point taken," woofs Rex. "We get rid of all of them and reach out to Murdoch and Bannon and Stormfront to build a reliable intelligence service."

"Right," says Not Black Not Widow.  "Then we can get rid of the judges; then the  professors we don't like. We can get rid of the congressional representatives not on board with our message and/or staying at the Sheraton chain; and that's just the beginning.  All with one little staged, and defeated special coup."

"Brilliant," says Thing, "that's my girl!"

"," say Hulk, "that's my girl."

January 11, 2017

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