Thursday, January 28, 2016

This is Where It Gets You....

This where all the puffery about "saving Europe," about the nobility of the project for a united Europe; where all the sham (self-)advertising for a "real movement" for a "true" European union; where all the gasbags passing all that wind about "European democracy" gets you...if  you're not one of them, those noble, puffing, evangelizing, gasbags spewing the noble gas...

It gets you penned in Turkey or Jordan; or it gets you drowned between Turkey and Greece; or it gets you penned again in Greece; or it gets you turned back at the borders of a supposedly borderless Europe; or it gets you separated from your valuables, from any valuables you might have happened to salvage from your home before it was pulverized, bulldozed, bombed, torched, willy-petered,  by the great noble united, democratic Europe with the value realized to "offset" the cost of.......keeping you penned.

You wealthy bastards fleeing ISIS, or Assad, or the government of Iraq, or the Taliban, or Mubarak, Morsi, or el-Sisi or the government of Afghanistan, or the decimation of subsistence economies in Africa, courtesy again of those great western democracies, hand it over. 

Welcome to Denmark: Up against the wall and empty your pockets.  Now strip.  You need a shower.  After that, you will see our camp dentist who will remove any gold fillings you may have in your teeth.  You will receive a bill for his services, which you can pay in installments, or with that boatload of diamonds you swallowed on your way through Macedonia.

Or it gets the mass of you...expelled, mass expulsions being so humane that Donald Trump hasn't even thought of it.  Yet.  But since he knows what he knows from watching cable or satellite news-- soon to be unveiled by the Make America Great Again candidate, mass expulsions of those who weren't in the US when it was great.... whenever that was.  Never?  Never say never, or you'll get expelled too.

This where the whole shitload of "democratic politics" of "labor politics" of "left-winging" it, of "socialist" parties of the old type, of "people's parties" of the new type, gets you-- paying Jacks-the- Rippers for the costs of their razors.

January 28, 2016

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