Saturday, January 23, 2016

New York Strong!

Checking out my neighborhood in New York City, before the wanker governor choked in the face of a few inches of snow and ordered the MTA to shutdown; before the wuss mayor panicked and ordered private citizens in their private vehicles to get off the public streets-- can you imagine that?  A government bureaucrat, worse, a politician, worse, two politicians, ordering private citizens to keep their private vehicles off the public streets...remember SDS?  "The streets belong to the people!," Mr. Scaredy-Cat Mayor.  You can't take away our large clip assault rifles, so now you're going after our SUVs?  Our Hummers?  Our four-wheel drive steel belt radial studded snow tire gun-racked ram-tough pick-ups?...

Anyway, where was I?  Oh yeah, checking out the 'hood during this minor 2 foot snowfall.  The French bakery was open.  The Portuguese  The Korean grocer... open.  The Italian wine  The Mexican  The Syrian falafel  And scores of men from various Central American,and Middle Eastern countries out shoveling snow so restaurants of all sorts, taking good old US advantage of poverty, coups, civil wars, drone attacks, and barrel bombs, can employ more Central American and Middle Eastern men and women of all sorts to clean, prepare, serve, and deliver food...

So I say........fuck you, Donald Trump.  Open the borders.  Without immigration there is no New York, and maybe no Seamless, no Grubhub, no Caviar!!! No beacons of entrepreneurship, no icons of a digital economy. 

And I say, here's to you Bill/Hillary/Barack Obama/Clinton.  You go, you cruise-missile humanists,you.  Keep those drones in the air.  Create 2,3, many drug wars. 

Otherwise, I'll have to shovel my own fucking snow, and that might kill me.

January 23, 2016

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