Saturday, April 25, 2015

Meanwhile (Place Holder)

Defiant political economists,  ex- and still-Stalinists,  current and former Trotskyists, "leftists" of all sorts (all sorts being the sorts that attend the Left Forum and/or the World Social Forum) have linked arms to form the Stieglitz Brigade. Marching ever forward in defense of the Syriza government in Greece, the Stieglitz Brigade demands that the European Commission, ECB, and the IMF, release €7.5 billion in "bailout" funds so that Greece can make the required payments of the debt owed to the European Commission, ECB, and IMF. 

There, in a nutshell is all you need to know about finance, refinance, and the critical role played by defiant political economists, ex- and still-Stalinists, current and former Trotskyists, leftists of all sort in the re-formation and recomposition of capital.  

"Long live the chains!" proclaimed the Spanish guerrillas battling Napoleon's troops.  

"More rope!" chants the Stieglitz Brigade.

Meanwhile all those ex and still and former and current and forum patronizers remained silent after this report surfaced in the Financial Times. The Syriza government has agreed to fund a €500 million program to refurbish five P-3B Orion maritime patrol craft.  

Tsipras, knowing that discretion is the better part of democracy, did not present the deal for discussion to the parliamentary defense committee.

The ministry of defense, headed by Panos Kammenos, leader of Syriza's partner, the ANEL party, defended the deal on "humanitarian grounds," the humanity being, in part, providing money to the state aerospace company and a private defense contractor.  Another part of the humanity is the immigration issue, as the Orion aircraft will extend the range and ability of the Greek navy to intercept vessels carrying immigrants fleeing the wars that the EU, NATO, and the US have inflicted upon the Middle East and Asia, thus preserving the basic humanitarianism of capital's wars.  

The five aircraft will be rechristened the Rwanda, the Somalia, the Haiti, the Bosnia, and the Herzegovina in honor of other great humanitarian missions. 

επόμενο άνθρωποι!

April 25, 2015 

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  1. From a comrade:

    "You say ""leftists" of all sorts (all sorts being the sorts that attend the Left Forum and/or the World Social Forum) have linked arms to form the Stieglitz Brigade." - but you know full well that that's not the only kind of leftists who have decided to link arms with the Greek state.

    I know you've seen this, but maybe others haven't: (now with many additional comments).

    The courageous revolutionaries at Libcom put this text up for a few hours, then took it down, presumably because they realised that it might pose anxious conflicts with some of the professional intellectual clique close to them. Sic themselves have, apparently, decided to make no statement about one of their main theoreticians becoming a government mini-star. The wonderful world of politics!"

    Well, that's correct, I forgot about "Sic."