Tuesday, April 28, 2015

A Simple Question

So today's Financial Times is reporting:
Mr Tsipras ruled out defaulting on a €750m loan repayment to the
International Monetary Fund due on May 12 even though Athens is
struggling this week to pay pensions and subsidies, which he said must
take priority.
So here's a couple of  simple questions for the very important bloggers; tomb robbers; film reviewers; big I international big S socialists; big S socialist big W workers; former, current, and future Trotskyists; "left communists" and left Communists; autonomists; critical theorists; theoretical critics; moron shock-jock wannabees; progressive political economists; progressive economists; radical political economists; ultra-radical political economists; communiste theoristes; supersessionists; pre-mos, po-mos, and no-mos: 

Should Syriza make the loan repayment?   Should any support be provided to Syriza in its attempts to reach agreement with the Troika?

It's not that simple, someone says?  Insert favorite barnyard epithet here: Bollocks   It is exactly, precisely just that simple.  Opposing capitalism is really simple.  It gets complicated once capitalism is overthrown. 

Default on the debt.  No agreement with the Troika.  No support for the Syriza government's attempt to negotiate austerity with a "human face."  Don't sweat the simple stuff. 

April 28, 2015

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