Wednesday, December 03, 2014

Welcome to Ferguson, New York

So we have a video recording, an audio recording; we have the medical examiner's report-- "homicide;"  we have a cause, application of the choke hold, a "banned" maneuver, and we have a grand jury that "refuses" to indict.    The obvious conclusion is what it  always has been,  that the police are doing their jobs, and their job is  what it always has been, choking the life out of black people.  Next case.

Look, even the state of Mississippi was able to get Byron de la Beckwith to the actual trial stage three times. 

You have to understand the way the system works: black youth with his hands up? Mortal threat.  Black man selling loose cigarets? Capital crime.  White youth shooting dozens in a school?  Troubled boy.  White men fleecing thousands, earning millions?  Role models.

December 3, 2014

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