Friday, December 05, 2014

A Modest Proposal

Some worry has been expressed that the demonstrations against police murders of black people lack "demands" or "program."  Me?  I'm not worried.  I think that the demonstrations' organizing principle-- "Stop Police Murder"-- through taking to the streets is both necessary and sufficient. It, taking direct action, is the appropriate and only viable means to the end.

So the questions, so to speak, are not  "What are your goals?  What is your plan?  What's the strategy?"  The issue that needs addressing is "How do we sustain this?  How do we expand this struggle, make the struggle both more extensive and intensive?"   

It's tough for me to admit it, and probably impossible for others to believe it, by I don't have all the answers, emphasis on all.  But I do have a modest proposal.  I propose we start the expansion process by agitating for the separation and expulsion of all police unions, organizations, "brotherhoods," including those of  prison and security guards, etc. from membership in or confederations with labor unions.

Isolation of the police unions from those of labor means opposition and nothing is more important to the development of a workers' movement in the US today than rejection of and opposition to the police as part of that movement.

Demonstrations against union confederations that include police associations; unions that include police officers as members; labor organizations that maintain "fraternal" ties to police organizations; district labor councils that include or allow police representations-- seem like a good, and logical, place to start.

Leave your prescription pill vials at home, lest some cop mistake it for a gun.

December 5, 2014

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