Friday, October 06, 2017

Puerto Dolor

Under capitalism, and are we ever under capitalism, there is no such thing as a "natural disaster," a natural catastrophe.  The triumph of capitalism is the appropriation, subordination, even weaponizing of nature in the service of expropriation and aggrandizement.

The "acts" of nature cannot be contained, isolated, abstracted apart from the impact of the acts on the vulnerability and well-being of the classes generated and contained within the relations of capital.  Neither can the response to the "acts" of nature be separated from the interests, needs, and power of those classes.

Nor can the results and impacts of those responses to those acts be characterized as "mistakes"  "errors"  "failures" "incompetence."   No capitalist agency is  simply incompetent.  Incompetence serves a purpose. It serves its class when the power of that class to rule requires the sacrifice of the ruled. 

The incompetent serves that purpose and will always be rewarded by that ruling class, with a title, a salary, a flag, a membership.

There is not now and there never was anything that qualifies as "benign neglect."  There is no "blind to suffering."  The neglect is conscious, designed, intentional, even when and especially when manifesting itself as ignorance.  The blindness is already a  vision.  There is always a calculus-- an intersection of and where ignorance, entitlement, brutality and greed, meet and each furthers all in their service to oppression, exploitation, and that destruction accumulation that is now and forever known as capitalism.

The damning of bodies and souls to hunger, thirst, disease, misery is a social policy dressed up as and manifested through individual pathology.

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October 6, 2017

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