Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Post-It Series #4: The Shrewing of the Tame

Everything's as it should be.  Cameron, dancing on the pinheads of the Tory party, exits stage right, with a "consummate performance,"  a "valedictory," in parliament, introducing his successor, Theresa May, not to be confused with Theresa May Not, Mother Theresa,  or the children's game "Mother Theresa May I?"   Cameron plans a well-deserved private vacation-- just the immediate family, and a pig head or two, with Boris Johnson one of the pigs.

Meanwhile, everything's as it should be.  The dog's dinner known as the Labour Party breaks itself apart on the shoals of how much to, and how best to, get behind an "enlightened," "humane," integrated, efficient, inter-national capitalism, while capitalism is busy demonstrating, once again and in spades, how unenlightened, inhumane, disparate, dysfunctional, parochial it is, it was, it will be.

"All out for the defense of war criminals!"  proclaim the partisans of 'New Labor.' Our program is easy as ABC!  Anybody but Corbyn, say All Blair's Chums.

"We wish to tag-along partners in empire.  Any empire-- the US's, the EU's-- makes no difference to us. Next year in Singapore!"

Corbyn himself claims "victory" against the "coup-plotters" in that his name will be on the ballot as the ABC's force a new election for, pardon the oxymoron, party leadership.  But because Corbyn, and some other vanguard capitulationists can't be arsed to stay for the entire meeting, because they don't know they better stay for the entire meeting, the ABC's change who's allowed to vote for the new, old party leadership, thereby disenfranchising about 100,000 of those most likely to support Corbyn.

Man's a tactical genius... and a zen master for sure.    Who else could win by losing?  Besides the Confederate States of America, I mean?

Here the Tories get themselves at sixes and sevens by letting Rupert Murdoch's coffee boy pretend he's the prime minister, and Labor proves it can always one-up the Tories when it comes to morons, dunces, gits, and twits.

I expect much of the "left"-- the outside the Labor Party left-- will demonstrate its repetition compulsion neurosis and support Corbyn, once again,  advocating and abdicating for "Old Labor" as opposed to Blair Labor, and if all else fails, pleading for Corbyn to leave the shell of the LP and start a new party, which could get busy picking up exactly where the old party left-off, that is to say, going nowhere.


How about this: how about we try a new party that isn't part of the rot that has been capitalism for a century or so?  How about some first principles to that party:

1. Abolition of the monarchy.  Confiscation of all property belonging to the "royals," their relatives, their retainers, and anyone with a title (excepting professional designations only, like doctor).

2. In the interim, prior to the abolition of the monarchy and its attendant detritus, no member of the party may accept a peerage;  or any position or title historically associated with the administration of the, or to the, dictates of the British Empire.

3. Immediate withdrawal from NATO and removal of bases and soldiers belonging to other countries.

4. Immediate dismantling of British military posts outside the territory of Britain.

5. Immediate legal residency status for all those residing and/or working in Britain.

6. Prohibition against financial institutions investing in the sovereign debt of any country, including the UK.

7. Immediate freezing of all capital accounts held by institutional investment companies, hedge funds, insurance companies etc.

Now that's entertainment!

Maybe, you think?  Maybe not.... particularly if history is just a play written by idiots, played by fools, for the enjoyment of cynics.

July 13, 2016


  1. The only party I ever supported was the all night party.
    And programmes are best left to TV channels.

    Why these sad reversions to leftist absurdities?

    The only perspective worth fighting for is:

    1. Abolition of hierarchical social relations. Occupation of all property belonging to the "royals," their relatives, their retainers, and anyone who uses property to exploit others.

    2. In the interim, the abolition of interims.

    3. Immediate dismantling of all military hierarchies throughout the world, not just the obvious ones (NATO etc.)

    4. Immediate dismantling of Britain and of all nation states.

    5. Immediate legal residency status for everybody anywhere they want to live, excepting members of the ruling class.

    6. Abolition of money, banks, stock exchanges, etc.

    7. Immediate freezing of all state bureaucrats carrying arms (as in "Freeze!").

    These suggestions are no less realistic than your very sterile list of "transitional demands".

  2. Who said anything about being "realistic"?