Tuesday, June 11, 2013

There is No Joy in Mudville.....

..but there is a bit of honor and integrity, which counts for a lot.  The League for a Revolutionary Party, the Marxist-Humanist Initiative, and the Internationalist Group all challenged the presence of Garcia Linera at the forum previously know as the Socialist Squalor Conference (trademark Loren Goldner, all rights reserved) and soon to be known as the Cluster Fucks in the Dustbin of History Conference (trademark a friend).

LRP distributed a leaflet (see http://www.lrp-cofi.org/statements/garcia_060713.html )at the SSC-LF-CFDH conference; Marxist-Humanist Initiative opened the workshops it conducted with a statement of opposition to both the occupation of Haiti and any endorsement of the MAS government (although why a Marxist group would conduct workshops of any sort at a conference sponsored by NYU, an entity that regards its own workforce and the neighborhood in which it is located as prey ,  is beyond my comprehension); and it looks like the Internationalist Group pulled off the maneuver so near and dear to my heart, actually intervening in the"closing plenary" (see http://www.internationalist.org/protestanylibertadhuelguistasbolivianos130609.html), interrupting Linera, and demanding a discussion of the issues, er... actually the issue Left Forum has avoided ever since it was and will be:  class struggle.

Others might have raised similar, or distinct, challenges, but these are the three I know about, and this time three's both the charm and not nearly enough of  a crowd. 

June 11, 2013


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