Wednesday, October 05, 2011



There's nothing like a banker to bring out the best in somebody, and there's nothing like an enclave of bankers, a virtual village of bankers to bring out the best in everybody. That best, of course, is the gut-hatred of the pin-headed, bb hearted, pin-striped class of bankers, who in both head and heart encapsulate all that makes capitalism what it is today, what it was yesterday, and what it will be tomorrow—vicious, venal, and obsolete.

These purveyors of virtual value, of nothing and 1 + nothing are the ultimate personification of an economic system, a mode of production, an exploitation of labor where everything and everyone is reduced to its value, and value reduces itself back to nothing.

Our bankers and bondholders want cuts everywhere and of all kinds, but no haircuts.

Our bankers and their selected representatives of the Mad Hatter's Tea Party government demand an end to "public subsidies," "entitlement programs," "protective regulation," except of course when the public is subsidizing them, when the programs entitle them, when the regulation protects them.

Never has hypocrisy been given a more truthful, consistent expression.

While fraud, theft, extortion, bribery, graft, and corruption are endemic, inherent, and essential to this system, these are but tactics and methods, not the determining strategy or program of a ruling class determined to find joy in suffering, but not their suffering; and wealth in poverty, as long as it isn't their poverty.

That program is to preserve their property, their ownership of those things, those means of living extracted from the labor of others.

We are those others. Our struggle moves beyond occupying Wall Street and toward abolishing Wall Street. The only way to bust that move is to organize to take over the streets, the hospitals, the schools, the public transportation systems, all those things that must be preserved and expanded in opposition to the accumulations of private wealth. The only way to do that is to organize an economy across cities and countrysides and borders that focuses on the satisfaction of human needs, not their market-values; that fulfills rather than exploits labor.

The Wolf Report

October 5, 2011

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