Sunday, March 08, 2009


In Between Shoes Dropping.. Thumbnail reviews of the 2009 Rendez-vous with French Cinema, organized by the Film Society of Lincoln Center.

1. Faubourg 36-- Opening Night! US premiere! At the new Alice Tully Hall! What a buildup. What a letdown. Moulin Rouge meets The Cradle Will Rock as interpreted by Disney.

2. La Fille de Monaco-- NY Premiere. An insult to people of all sexual persuasions. Unbridled, unrepentant, emancipated female sexuality must die so that homoeroticism can go about its business of ... business and murder. The female lead, Louise Bourgoin, is without a doubt the sexiest person to hit the screens since... maybe forever.

3. With a Little Help from Myself-- NY Premiere. Outstanding. The long hot summer of 2003 in the banlieue of Paris-- love, immigrant labor, aging, oppression, and death. With a shovel. Love will find a way. Pleasure will never quit. Doesn't change anything, but beats the hell out of abuse and loneliness. Perfect answer, and antidote to the Vicky Cristina Barcelona garbage from Woody Allen. Felicite Wouassi is brilliant. The scenes between her and her neighbor, Robert [Claude Rich], are of aching need, understanding, and cautious tenderness.

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